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Shooting location is Kichijoji Sometime

 大石 学(pf) x 杉山千絵(Vcl) duo 
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1. Murra
2. It Could Happen To You
3. The Island
4. Come Rain Or Come Shine 
5. Lullaby Of Birdland
6. Local Train
7. So Many Stars
8. Just IN Time
9. One Note Samba 
10. Everything Must Chage
11. What A Wonderfl Worl

(Manabu Ohishi(p),Chie Sugiyama(vo) 
Recorded at Murra on March 19,2016

 大石学「心象風景 Ⅲ」(限定盤)
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01. Hyacinth
02. Little Poem
03. 2 Colors
04. Present
05. Poet
06. Murra
07. 和(NAGOMI)
08. 両忘
09. Dancing in The Wind 
10. 無常Ⅱ

(Solo Piano)

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MO-002 \2160
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CORR-11024 \2571
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