• Jazz Casual / Mel Torme/Carmen McRae:RHINO :R3-2583[VHS]idem,IDVD-1051[DVD](Spain)
    Original air date:March 15,1962 Carmen McRae(vcl,p),Norman Simmons(p),Victor Sproles(b),Walter Perkins(d)
     1.I'm Gonna Lock My Heart (And Throw Away The Key)
     2.Interview - (with Ralph Gleason)
     3.Trouble Is A Man
     4.Carmen With Norman Simmons
     5.If You Never Fall In Love With Me 
     6.Carmen With Norman Simmons
     7.'Round Midnight
     8.Carmen With Norman Simmons
     9.Love For Sale
    10.Closing Remarks By Ralph Gleason
    11.Exactly Like You
    Note: released DVD (Spain)