• Precious & Rare : Carmen McRae: CMJ-2742243[CD]
      Disc 1
     1 Easy To Love				 	BCP-1023(LP 10"),20-30162[CD]
     2 If I'm Lucky (I'll Be The One)	 	Bethlehem 11009[45],BCP-1023(LP 10"),20-30162[CD]	
     3 Old Devil Moon		 	 	Venus 101[45],BCP-1023(LP 10"),20-30162[CD]	
     4 Tip Toe Gently		 	 	Venus 101[45],Bethlehem 11009[45],BCP-1023(LP 10"),20-30162[CD]
     5 Keep Me In Mind			 	Decca 29398[45],VL-3697[LP],25P2-2824[CD]
     6 Ooh (What Cha Doin' To Me)		 	MCA-3136[LP],25P2-2824[CD]	
     7 They All Laughed			 	Decca 29398[45],VL-3697[LP],25P2-2824[CD]
     8 If I'm Lucky (I'll Be The One)	 	Bethlehem 11009[45],BCP-1023(LP 10"),20-30162[CD]
     9 You Made Me Care			 	BCP-1023(LP 10"),20-30162[CD]
    10 Last Time For Love			 	BCP-1023(LP 10"),20-30162[CD]
    11 Too Much In Love To Care		 	BCP-6041,20-30162[CD]	
    12 Misery				 	BCP-1023(LP 10"),20-30162[CD]
    13 Get Set				 	Decca 29555[45],VL-3697[LP],UNIV589515.2[CD]
    14 Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets)	 	Decca 29472[45]	,UNIV589515.2[CD]
    15 Am I The One To Blame		 	Decca 29472[45]	,UNIV589515.2[CD]
    16 You Don't Have To Tell Me		 	Decca 29555[45]	,UNIV589515.2[CD]
    17 A Fine Romance			 	Decca 29620[45],DL-8490,25P2-2827[CD]
    18 I Go For You				 	Decca 29620[45],25P2-2827[CD]
    19 Just One Of Those Things		 	DL-8173[LP],25P2-2824[CD]	
    20 Sometimes I'm Happy			 	DL-8173[LP],25P2-2824[CD]
    21 Something To Live For		 	DL-8173[LP],25P2-2824[CD]	
    22 Love Is Here To Stay			 	Decca 29675[45],DL-8173[LP],25P2-2824[CD]
      Disc 2
     1 I Can't Get Started			 	DL-8173[LP],25P2-2824[CD]
     2 This Will Make You Laugh		 	Decca 29675[45],DL-8173[LP],25P2-2824[CD]	
     3 Supper Time				 	DL-8173[LP],25P2-2824[CD]
     4 My One And Only Love			 	DL-8173[LP],25P2-2824[CD]
     5 Yardbird Suite			 	DL-8173[LP],25P2-2824[CD]
     6 Give Me The Simple Life		 	DL-8173[LP],25P2-2824[CD]	
     7 I'll Remember April			 	DL-8173[LP],25P2-2824[CD]	
     8 You Took Advantage Of Me		 	DL-8173[LP],25P2-2824[CD]	
     9 Tonight He's Out To Break Another Heart	Decca 29890[45],MCA-3136[LP],OFFICAL-3027[CD]	
    10 Come On, Come In			 	Decca 29749[45],DL-8316[LP] ,UNIV589515.2[CD]
    11 The Next Time It Happens		 	Decca 29749[45],MCA-3136[LP],UNIV589515.2[CD]
    12 Come Down To Earth, Mr Smith		 	DL-8316[LP],OFFICAL-3027[CD]		
    13 Wanting You(*)		 	 	Stardust 1002[78]	
    14 A Foggy Day(*)			 	Stardust 1002[78],SDS-118[LP]	
    15 Autumn Nocturne(*)	 	 	Stardust 1001[78]	
    16 In Love In Vain(*)		 	Stardust 1001[78]	
    17 Go Slow(*)			 	Stardust 1003[78],SDS-118[LP]	
    18 Charlie Is My Darling(*)		 	Stardust 1003[78],SDS-118[LP]	
    19 Are You Happy?(*)			 	Stardust 1004[78],SDS-118[LP]
    20 Oh, My Darling!(*)		 	Stardust 1004[78],SDS-118[LP]	
    21 Pass Me By(*)			 	Musicraft 379 [78 10"SP]
    Note: (*) Now for the first time CD