• The Feminine Torch / V.A.: DECCA,DL-8316,
    New York November 3, 1955 acc. by Jack Pleis' Orch.
    Oooh That Kiss			(Peggy Lee)
    How Bitter, My Sweet		(Peggy Lee)
    Come Down To Earth, Mr. Smith(*)(Carmen McRae)	 (Decca 29793) (JASCD-705[CD])
    Come On, Come In(*)		(Carmen McRae)	 (Decca 29749) (JASCD-705[CD])
    Happiness Is A Thing Called You	(Pat Kirby)
    The Boy With The Greensleeves	(Pat Kirby)
    An Occasional Man		(Jeri Southern)
    What Do You See In Her?		(Jeri Southern)
    Sweet Georgia Brown		(oanne Gilbert)
    Breezin' Along With The Breeze	(Joanne Gilbert)
    See A Million People		(Gloria De Haven)
    I Like To Do Things For You	(Gloria De Haven)
    Note: (*) Carmen McRae 2 Tracks