• Jazz Gala 79'& McRAE CARMEN / V.A.: AMERICA,AM-015/16,2621472[CD]
    [1]"Theatre du Casino" Cannes, January 22, 1979 acc. by Thad Jones & Claude Bolling's Orch. [2]same date acc. by her own piano [3]same date vocal duet with Joe Williams, by Claude Bolling Trio
    Bowling Green
    Suivez le Chef
    Body & Soul 			(*)[1]
    Tis Autumn 			(*)[1]
    Bye-Bye Blackbird 		(*)[1]
    End Of A Beautiful Friendship 	(*)[2]
    61st & Reach It
    Back Bone
    Work Song
    Blues In My Heart
    Just The Way You Are
    It Don't Mean A Thing
    Jungle Traps
    Rockin' In Rhythm
    Them There Eyes 		(*)[3]
    For Jammers Only
    Note: (*) Carmen McRae 5 Tracks