• Porgy And Bess / SAMMY DAVIS Jr.: DECCA,DL-8854,
    [1] New York, October 29, 1958 acc. by Buddy Bregman's Orch. [2] L. A. December 8, 1958 vocal duet with Sammy Davis Jr. acc. by Jack Pleis' Orch.
    Summertime 			(*) [1]
    A Woman Is A Sometime Thing	
    My Man's Gone Now 		(*) [1]
    I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'	
    Bess, You Is My Woman	
    It Ain't Necessarily So	
    I Loves You Porgy 		(*) [2]
    There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York	
    Oh Bess, Oh Where's My Bess	
    Oh Lawd, I'm On My Way
    Note: (*) Carmen McRae 3 Tracks