• The Real Ambassadors / Louis Armstrong: COLUMBIA,COS-2250,SRCS-7148[CD]
    [1] New York, September 13, 1961 Louis Armstrong(vcl,tp), Carmen McRae(vcl), Dave Brubeck(p), Paul Desmond(as), Gene Wright(b), Joe Morrello(d) [2] New York, September 19, 1961 same as sbove, Plus Trummy Young(tb) [3] New York, September 22, 1961 same as sbove, without Trummy Young(tb) [4] New York, December 16, 1961 same as sbove, without Louis Armstrong
    Everybody's Comin'
    Cultural Exchange
    Good Reviews 			(*)[2]
    Remember Who You Are
    My One Bad Habit 		(*)[4]
    Summer Song
    King For A Day
    Blow Satchmo
    The Real Ambassador
    In The Lurch			(*)[4]
    One Moment Worth Years 		(*)[3]
    They Say I Look Like God
    Since Love Had Its Way
    I Didn't Know Until You Told Me	(*)[1]
    Swing Bells/Blow Satchmo/Finale
    You Swing Baby (The Duke)
    Note: (*) Carmen McRae 5 Tracks