• Sessions Live / V.A.: CALLIOPE,CAL-3016
    [1] December 2, 1957@[2] December 16, 1957
    Hillcrest			[1](Stuff Smith Quartet)
    Taking A Walk			[1](Stuff Smith Quartet)
    My Funny Valentine(*)		[1](Carmen McRae)
    Exactly Like You(*)		[1](Carmen McRae)
    Sweet Georgia Brown		[1](Stuff Smith Quintet)
    In The Still Of The Night	[2](Chamber Jazz Sextette)
    Allemande			[2](Chamber Jazz Sextette)
    I Hadn't Anyone Till You	[2](Jeri Southern)
    Something I Dreamed Last Night	[2](Jeri Southern)
    Perplexity			[2](Chamber Jazz Sextette)
    Note: (*) Carmen McRae 2 Tracks